The Numbers Behind Twitter

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Can Social Media Activity Boost Your Organic Search

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Interaction of User and Google Plus

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In this post we want discuss about the interaction of an user with Google plus. In the field of social media G+ is playing a big role for a long time. All social media and SEO experts know the importance of Google Plus in the promotion of your business or your website. We can’t ignore its existence. Even there are many other social media sites which can help you in the promotion of your product or site like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many more. In previous two articles we have discussed the Importance of Pinterest and Benefits of Twitter in terms of SEO. Which can give you the explanation on importance of social media networks in interaction with users. But these days G+ is taking over every social media network as its been the main attraction for the user engagement. Its all due to a good interaction with its users.

Google Plus provides many features and options which helps the G+ users a lot to interact with. If you can analyze you will find that a +1 button is used 5 BILLION times a day. There are many other things which can make you surprise. An infographic below can explain you certain things which makes an user to interact with Google Plus. This infographic is designed by WISHPOND.COM . Please have a look on this image and get to know about Interaction of Users with Google Plus.

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How to Build Links

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Effective link building requires a strategy. After Google released its Penguin algorithm, the tactics of link building have been revolutionized. In fact, the entire game of SEO is changing rapidly. Building links for your website or blog has become a huge challenge.

  • Link building is not swapping links.
  • Link building is not mass-submitting to directories.
  • Link building is not buying links.
  • Link building is not about quantity of links either.

There are many more changes that have happened to link building in order to place your website at a higher position in How to Build Links SERPs.

Here’s how to take a strategic approach –

Understand Your Marketplace

Before you develop an effective link building campaign, you need to gain a crystal-clear understanding of your online marketplace. Whether it’s the industry you serve or the audience that comprise that industry, you need to know all the essential details. Ask yourself whether there are any other sectors that are closely related to the niche you cater to.

The more you know about your target market, the easier it will be for you to develop a link building campaign that delivers results.

Research the Competition

When you are planning to build links effectively, doing some competitive research is of utmost importance. Professional link builders will never develop a link building strategy without gaining an insight into what their key competitors are doing. Researching the competition efficiently will open your eyes to many interesting insights which will further help you work out an effective link building strategy for the improvement of your site’s SEO.

For example, you should try to find out what type of links your competitions have acquired. You may also want to know about those niche blogs where your rivals have guest posted. Competitive intelligence will also help you understand the kind of content your competition creates in order to attract links.

It’s only when you know what link building tactics your competitions are using that you’ll be ready to beat them out quickly.

Identify Link Targets

Depending on the scope of your marketplace and the kind of data acquired through competitive research, you’ll be able to identify the key link targets. The link targets will vary from one website or blog to another. For example, link targets for a brand new website will be different from those of a website that’s a few years old or has some online reputation.

For effective link building, you should always be fully aware of the third-party sites or web pages from where you want to acquire links. You may want to get backlinks from niche blogs. You may want to get linked from authority sites or government websites. You may want your website to be linked from useful resource pages on other websites.

When you are aware of the potential link targets, it’ll become easier for you to use specific methods to build specific links.

So, identify your targets really well.

Develop Content

No matter what methods you choose for building your targeted links, you’ll need to develop content. If you want links from a niche blog that accepts guest posts, for example, you’ll need to create top quality guest articles. If you want to build links via sending out press releases, you’ll need content for that as well. In fact, there are numerous forms in which you can create content.

You may want to create white-papers. You may want to design infographics. You may want to create videos. You may also want to create PowerPoint presentations for building targeted links.

Content development will always be at the core of all your link building efforts. Without content, it’s just impossible to acquire backlinks for your website and improve its SEO. Therefore, make sure you consistently create the kind of content that’s required to propel your link building campaign.

Why Blogging is important

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | comments (5)

Online selling professionals agree that fitting a diary is incredibly useful for people that are a unit operating a web business or have a corporate website. And since they’re effective, blogs have positively created net a crucial tool for a in business campaign.

There are unit lots of how during which running a diary is useful. Firstly, it lets users to gift the newest material and data concerning their business on a daily basis. Diary sites merely function a soapbox for promotion, opinions, ideas, and induces discussion.

Blogging ( vital in several areas of net selling and SEO campaigns. Thus you’ll be able to perceive its magnitude, browse the data below.

For Selling

Because blogs are trying to be terribly economical in promotion, search engines currently place the most stress on the world of blogs. It’s a really sensible platform for informing or spreading info to the plenty.


From the SEO’s angle, blogging is important on varied levels. Blogs permit businesses to be up-to-date with customers worldwide. This means, having the ability to succeed in and communicate with current furthermore as potential customers World Health Organization area unit still not at home with what you’re giving.

It harvests sensible links

Blogging could be a good means that of driving arriving links. In fact, blogs are a unified thought of joined of the chief components within the current link building strategies. Aside from tantalizing helpful links, high-quality diary sites also can simply request for syndication.

It informs search engines that your web site is a warrant being indexed

For posting distinctive and informative articles in your diary, you’re really telling search engines that your page has a price and worthy to run a high page ranking. However, make certain to often update your diary with recent contents, if not, your web site is also viewed as boring and you’ll not gain new readers.

It’s an area to market

People like to browse stuffs that they like. And currently, they use the web to seem for sites wherever they’ll get information or examine what interest them the foremost. If you’ll fill your website with useful and fascinating articles, with links to your merchandise or services, additional folks area unit seemingly to go to your diary. Eventually, they’re going to study your merchandise and you have got higher possibilities of gaining new customers.

If done properly, blogging is a perfect selling technique. It provides varied ways in which during which to market and produce your merchandise to new heights thus it’s tasking to work out however so much your business may go. Finally, detain mind that blogs aren’t simply a vehicle for selling or promotion however they’re additionally a chest filled with helpful info that everybody would like to browse and investigate.

The Google Panda Update ~ Taking a Look Throughout the Last Year Infographic

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 | comments

Want to learn more about the Panda Update and some of the things mentioned on the chart? Consider the stories we are grouped below.

Fake Followers or fake popularity

Monday, December 3, 2012 | comments (2)

A profile is faked, if it is created only to follow other. Of these accounts no tweets are sent. These profiles are often created by vendors who then offer Follower for sale. Mostly, Prominent use of this offer to have more supporters than they really can.

Currently, there is a wonderful web tool on the website to find out how many followers of their own accounts are faked. One need only connect her Twitter account with the web page and instantly appears in percentage, how many fake followers, inactive or active.

What looks at first glance like a playful pastime, is actually a great help to bring more than one Twitter or a Twittering brand experience. Every Social Media Manager is happy to know whether he chirps with real people, or whether it has to do primarily with bogus identities, not in ages when Twitter was already online.

Prominent representatives

During the campaign between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the U.S. has been discussed several times about Obama's digital projection. The suspicion that not everything has proceeded correctly, is given the almost 19 million followers close.

An analysis of London's social media company status People brought the results revealed that 70 percent of Obama followers (13 million accounts) either faked (35 percent) or inactive (34 percent). When Romney opponent but was limited to 15 percent, that is, approximately 135,000 of slightly less than 900,000 profiles. The result is not loud of London based set in stone, because the check is not in each test comes on the same figures. Instead of the fake 70 percent are sometimes only about 30 percent.

Facebook Chat and Windows Mobile

Saturday, October 20, 2012 | comments (2)

Facebook Chat On Mobile
Want to stay online all the time with your friends on Facebook Chat on Mobile / Smartphone and Windows taskbar without even being connected to Facebook? Then see how to use and install Facebook Chat. 

You do not leave the Facebook and loves getting in Facebook Chat here's a super tip that will please you greatly. How about staying connected to Facebook Chat all the time even with the window closed or Facebook to stay online all the time to sue cellular or Smartphone? This is already possible with the Facebook Chat and Windows Mobile, Here's how to install or configure your account in Facebook chat and stay connected all the time with their colleagues.

Currently there are many ways to be logged in Facebook Chat in several places, but we will show the two most used ways.

Facebook Chat in Windows taskbar:

The first is using Facebook Chat on your computer like a MSN Facebook. First you have to make setting up your account to allow access to the chat, go to your Facebook account and go on "Account"And then"Account Settings“.

Now on this page go to the field "User name"There is need to create a user name if no order to use Facebook Chat, And the password is the same one you use to log into Facebook, confirm and exit.

Now you do what is necessary download program for your computer, it is very easy to find this software to download, simply type in Google "Download Facebook Chat"But we will facilitate for a link where you can find the program to download.

Log ( Then just download, install and configure your Facebook account. Ready! It'll be an icon on your taskbar Windows then just chatting will.

Facebook Chat by phone:

The other way to use Facebook Chat is the cell phone without having to access Facebook's mobile Facebook application that configures your Mobile or Smartphone to show all your Facebook contacts who are online and you can talk to them anytime without being logged in your Facebook account.

The Facebook Chat application can be downloaded directly from the website of Facebook ( Or you can choose some of the many applications (app) The Windows Phone, Play Google or App Store offers downloadable see which is best for you and have fun anywhere.

I hope I helped, and if you liked our article, share and help increase your contacts on social networks.

Google Panda Update 3.9.2

Friday, September 21, 2012 | comments (2)

Google Panda 3.9.2

Google has Twitter announced that the 3.9.2 refresh Panda is rolled.

Google indicates that this refresh less than 0.7% of the websites will become. This was generally 1%. This also indicates that the worst is over in terms of Panda.

Previous Panda refresh was on 20 August 2012. Panda seems no more damage to target, it seems that webmasters now consider the Panda update if they are going to build a website, which is a very good sign.

To my mind, Panda update still a great success.

Your robots.txt should not exceed 500KB

Friday, August 17, 2012 | comments (1)

A robots.txt file is the means by which any administrator of a Web page tells search engines what the different files can crawl, index.

The truth is that originally few Web publishers who know the existence of this powerful, and important tool. So that, over time, have been aware that search engines like Google or Yahoo! end up indexing documents and files private theoretically, hosted on the server and should not have publicly indexed.

If we consider that the document robots.txt first file is the appropriate one when accessing robots and introduced into a particular Web page, there is no doubt that having a good robots.txt is simply critical to save headaches and, why not maintain adequate communication with search engines and enjoy an optimal configuration.

For this reason, on a previous occasion I explained how to use the robots.txt file, Telling you some important elements, such as the different codes used to specify the search engines by which folders or files can "move", which should be indexed and which not.

Now have known it is essential that the robots.txt never exceed 500KB Because, apparently, Google has a limit not to prosecute those files exceed this weight. And, of course, we run the risk that GoogleBot is left at the gates of our server and do not access or indexing our content.
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